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What will your company do?

When looking at setting up your own online business you need to decide or think about what your company will do or offer... A good example is a Digital Marketing Company in Maidstone whom use the same domain registrar and hosting company for their site. Another Example is this Maidstone Accountant

There are many things that your online company can do or provide.
You can run a reseller store, run your own E-Commerce website, Provide Advertising Services, ECT.

Run a reseller store?

There are many different affiliate program's/Reseller panels. Some are free and others; you may need to purchase.
There are various ways to run these stores and many methods on how to manage them efficiently.
I have found that if you are nice to people and make good offers which you can keep to then, people come and recommend.
(A list of links to run your own reseller store for free)

Run your own website hosting panel for free
List of free affiliate programs

Running your own E-Commerce Website/Store?
(A list of software and scripts to help you research)

Browser-Based Stores
Shopping Cart Solutions

Advanced eCommerce Systems
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Looking at providing your own advertising services?

The ability to create your own advertising network is now indeed a reality. By bringing a series of content-connected blogs together into a single, vertical, "thematic" network, you have the opportunity of strengthening your authority and value by aggregating related high quality sources while maximizing potential revenue for you as well as for those you have invited to join the new network party.
Tightly-focused , high quality, niche content remains the key ingredient to any successful and profitable blog or news site. But as niches are little islands focusing on very specific aspects of a larger whole, the ability to identify and bring together closely related content sources to create "thematic" mini-networks is the next natural evolutionary step for online publishers of all sizes.
(Source: Master New Media)

(A small list of links which give good information on this)

Marketing your webspace
How to setup your own advertising rates

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